Survey for Former Narconon Attendees

Please Answer the Narconon Survey Questions

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Your answers will be very helpful. Your information will be used for an independent study into the methods and effectiveness of the Narconon program. Your information will not be published without your permission.

Please answer any and all questions that apply to your situation to the best of your ability and knowledge. It is not required that you answer all of the questions, but the more information that can be gathered, the better the study will be. Please feel free to elaborate on any answers you wish, and take all the space you need to answer completely.

If Narconon was found and/or paid for by someone other than you, please have them provide you with the answers that apply to any of the questions below.

Please include an email address. You may be contacted again if more information is needed, or if we have information to offer that may help in your particular situation. Please understand that we cannot help everyone individually.

Once again, thank you for your responses.
The Downtown Independent Research Team

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Before Attending Narconon

How did you find out about Narconon as a treatment center? (Some examples might be: newspaper, friend, internet referral site, Narconon website, court referral.) If you found it through a referral site, please include the link if you recall which one it was. If it was a court referral, please state which court by location.

Please give the names and phone numbers of any people you spoke to about Narconon when you were making your decision.

What were your reasons for choosing Narconon as a treatment center?

What role, if any, did Narconon's success rate play in your decision to attend Narconon?

Were you aware that the Narconon program is Scientology before you went?
If so, how did it affect your decision?

Which Narconon center did you attend, and when (during what year)?

How much were you charged by Narconon for the program?
What method did you use to pay? (If you select "other" please explain below.)
Were you charged any additional fees, or charged for services that you were not made aware of before you made your choice?
If so, how much were the additional fees?
What were the additional fees for?

Were you informed about the refund policy before the program was paid for?
If so, what were you told?

When discussing the purchase of the program with Narconon, were you told that your insurance or health plan would pay or reimburse you for the program?
What were you told about insurance or health plan coverage?

While Attending Narconon

Did a doctor examine you before you entered the withdrawal unit?
Was there medical oversight during your stay at Narconon?
Was medical personnel available at all times?
Please describe any medical services you received during your stay at Narconon.

Did you determine that Narconon is Scientology while in the program?
If so, how?

Was the Narconon program you entered classified as a residential program?
If so, what were the circumstances of your housing?

How many students were in attendance while you were at Narconon?
How many staff members were there?
Do you feel this was adequate?
If not, what were the effects or results of this?

Did any of your experiences at Narconon bother you while you were in the program?
Please elaborate.

How long were you at Narconon?
Did you complete the Narconon program?
If you did not complete the program, did you leave of your own choice?
Did anyone attempt to get you to stay at Narconon?
Were you at any time held against your will?
If you left early, why? What were the circumstances of your leaving?

Were you ever asked to become staff at Narconon, either during or after completing the program?
If so, did you accept?
What were the specifics of your pay and work hours?

After Attending Narconon

Did Narconon deliver the service and results that were promised when you entered the program?
How did the service and/or results differ from what you were promised?

If you were making the choice today, knowing what you know now, would you choose Narconon?
Why, or why not?

Did your insurance or health plan pay for your treatment at Narconon?
If you were dissatisfied with your treatment at Narconon, did you submit a complaint to your insurance or health plan?
How did they respond?

Did you ever use drugs within the first two years after leaving Narconon?
Are you using now?
If you have remained drug free, was Narconon the key factor?
Please explain what in particular has helped you remain drug free.

Did Narconon provide an adequate and consistent after-care program that helped you?
Please explain Narconon's after-care program as you understand it.

In hindsight, do any of your experiences at Narconon bother you now?
If so, please elaborate.

Are you aware that the 70-76% success rate claimed by Narconon is false?
How did you become aware of this?

Have you or the person who paid for Narconon filed any complaints to any organizations responsible for oversight of drug treatment or any other regulatory agencies?
If so, which agencies or organizations?

If you have not filed any complaints, would you like to file a complaint for any harms done to you?
Do you want or need help in filing a complaint?
Please explain the help you need in filing a complaint.

Would you consider joining a class action law suit to seek compensation for damages?
Is there anything that would help you cope with any harmful effects from Narconon?
Please describe or list any details about your damages.

Would you like to discuss your experiences with other Narconon attendees and other people knowledgeable about Narconon?
Do you know of any other Narconon attendees that want or need help?
If so, please give some contact information for those people, or contact them and ask them to do this survey.

Do you have any additional comments, or anything you would like to say?

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